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Asbestos Management Plans

Following your Asbestos Survey we are able to assist you in the development of a detailed Asbestos Management Plan to ensure that you are managing your asbestos effectively and are compliant with The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

Our consultants can help you prepare a written plan which sets out in detail how you are going to manage the risk of any asbestos containing materials (ACMs). By bringing together all asbestos-related information from your surveys and re-inspections, our Asbestos Management Plans aim to implement procedures to control any activities which may disturb asbestos, as well as providing an audit trail to prove due diligence.

Our Asbestos Management Plans include:

  • An Asbestos Register giving details of the location and condition of any ACMs
  • How the asbestos will be monitored and managed over defined timescales
  • Management roles and responsibilities
  • Training arrangements
  • Procedures for passing on information to anyone who may come into contact with or disturb asbestos.


It is critical to ensure the procedures set in place by the plan are working effectively. All our consultants are skilled in a number of asbestos disciplines and have the knowledge and experience necessary to assist you in the development of your Asbestos Management Plan.


Our consultants can help with Asbestos Management Plans across the UK.

Further Information

Please contact us on 0845 058 9999 for further information.

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