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Fire Safety Training

In addition to ensuring compliance with the Fire Safety Order, fire safety training makes sure your staff are well prepared in the event of an emergency, speeding up evacuation time and reducing the risk to lives.

We offer an extensive range of training services that can be tailored to suit your needs. From simulating a live fire, to providing rescue dummies to practice the use of evacuation chairs, we do all we can to ensure our training is effective.


Our flexible approach means we can personalise our service for our clients. Held at your own premises or our London headquarters, our training sessions are adapted to the needs of course participants, whether it be helping attendees deal with confined spaces or outlining the perils of a bus fire to drivers. Our experts have trained nominated persons from a wide variety of sectors, from retailers, property agents and local authorities to hospitals, museums and power stations.

Fire Awareness & Extinguisher Training Course

This introductory course helps you comply with the Fire Safety Order by increasing staff awareness. Complete with a practical session it gives delegates hands-on experience in the use of fire extinguishers and is ideal for inducting new staff or as a periodic refresher of your fire safety knowledge. The course includes:

  • Presentation of general fire safety in the workplace and in the home
  • Actions required during a fire evacuation if a fire is discovered, and the alarm is raised
  • Basic theory of combustion, why and how things burn
  • Basic fire prevention measures
  • Types of fire extinguishers and their uses
  • Video film showing the dangers of heat, smoke and flame
  • Video film showing how rapidly a fire can spread
  • Practical fire extinguisher demonstration and the use of fire extinguishers by course participants

The course lasts 1½ hours and can include a maximum number of 15 delegates.

Bespoke Training Courses

We are able to offer situation specific training such as confined space training and courses adapted to suit the needs of particular groups of people such as Emergency Response Teams, Security Staff etc. All these courses are bespoke and designed to meet individual delegate requirements.

Further Information

Please contact us on 0845 058 9999 or email an enquiry for further information.

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